A Letter from a Grateful Husband of a Radiation Oncology of North Jersey Patient


Dear Radiation Oncology Staff:

I wasn’t quite sure how to address this letter, because I really wanted it to be all inclusive.

I want to thank everyone for treating my wife with such love, care and kindness.

Some people I met at the beginning, before my wife even started her 16 days of radiation, and some I just met today for the first time, but I have heard her talk about you on many occasions. Elaine is certainly one of my favorite people. She epitomizes what I have really found in the entire staff: very, very warm and friendly, caring, willing to help, and so upbeat … she gives you the feeling that there is NO problem that cannot be solved, which, of course, is exactly what a person needs to hear when they are going through these kind of things. The FREE parking was wonderful, and the coupons were always there, available for the taking. It was a wonderful gesture.

Besides Dr. Karim, who is an absolute doll, there were two other people who I saw on a regular basis. One was Marcia. Again, always upbeat, sometimes wearing psychedelic sneakers, but always smiling and upbeat – so positive. And that would also go for Kareen. Who I think was a nurse. Kareen was also very up, and positive. I was just the husband, not the patient, but it seemed to me that I was just as important as my wife. It was important that I be comforted, made to feel relaxed, and confident that things would go well and turn out OK. I cannot begin to tell you how important that is, but I have a feeling that you already know that.

Today, the last day (day 16), I actually went into the treatment area, to see my wife bang the gong … to indicate that she was done. It also gave me a chance to meet Sun, Ray and Donna … They are very nice people. My wife would always talk about a RAY of Sunshine.

I know I’m going on and on, but words just aren’t adequate to express what I am feeling right now. Early on, my wife was telling Elaine how she loved the hospital, and Elaine said something that we had not really thought of. Because the hospital has tried so hard to Become the best that it could be, and has succeeded, doctors around the country (and maybe even outside the country) have noted this and are now working at Morristown, which makes it even better.

Please keep up the good work, all of you. You do an incredible job and mean so much to the people you care for. God bless you, now and always.


A Patient’s Husband 9/2016