Insurance Coverage

Here, at the Department of Radiation Oncology, we understand that handling insurance issues while dealing with health concerns can be overwhelming. We will be there to assist you in making the insurance process as easy, and yet, as precise as possible.

Since our Department utilizes the most sophisticated treatment modalities, it is advisable to verify coverage with your healthcare provider. Because there are many different insurance programs, it is difficult for us to know the specific details of each plan. Most health insurance policies, including Part B of Medicare, cover charges for radiation therapy. It is your responsibility to check with your insurance company. When calling your insurance company ask if any co-pays or deductibles apply. Make sure to make a note of the name of whomever you speak to for future reference. In order to prevent unnecessary out-of-pocket expenses, follow your insurance company’s guidelines. Being informed can help you avoid problems once you arrive.

We have a dedicated staff member that will make the appropriate inquiries with your insurance company when your treatment begins. Our contact person in the Radiation Oncology Department is here to help you with any questions you may have and can be reached at 973-971-5674. If a referral is required for treatment, please bring it with you at the time of your initial consultation visit. We will determine whether additional referrals are needed for treatment and notify you of our findings. Also, reauthorizations may be required throughout your treatment.

When you are undergoing a course of radiation therapy, be advised that you will be receiving two separate bills.

One bill will be from the physician’s billing company, Atlantic Medical Group Billing Department for professional fees. If you have questions, regarding this portion of your bill, kindly call 1-973-656-6280.

The second bill will be from Morristown Medical Center for technical and facility charges. Should questions arise regarding this bill, call 1-800-619-4024.

Certain expensive imaging studies, such as PET, CT, or bone scan may require authorization from your plan before they can be performed. We also have a dedicated staff member who handles these authorizations and can provide scheduling service for your convenience. That staff member can be contacted at 1-973-971-7327. Please alert a staff member of any lab and/or x-ray clauses in your policy that require you to have these tests performed at another facility.

Please be assured that we will always have staff members ready to help you through this process and provide you with the information you need to successfully manage the various issues that may arise.