Patient Satisfaction

“Dr. Wong – We would like to thank you for the wonderful care you have given to my husband over the past 2 years. We were so frightened when he was first diagnosed and I can remember Sue Dillon say “you are in good hands”. She was so right – your knowledge and genuine concern, not to forget your humor, was comforting.

Thank you to your “Team” who were so supportive and kind while undergoing treatment and to Kathryn Hamilton, the dietitian, who helped me with food options and of course your nurse. God Bless you Dr. Wong for the wonderful work you do.” (dated August 2015)

“Thank you Dr. Wong for your kind and loving care in helping me to get well. I will continue to pray for you, your loved ones and your intentions. May God Bless you with Good Health, Happiness, Long Life and Peace.” April 2015

“Thank You Dr. Goldberg who worked with my GYOB doctor in making this treatment most pleasant for me which I truly appreciated!” Dated August 2, 2015

“I came to many of my friend’s radiation appointments with her. Dr. Karim you were always so kind and encouraging, and you had a beautiful way with her. Sadly, my friend passed away leaving a broken hearted 16 year old daughter and many loving friends and family. I know that you see many patients every day, but it is important that I let you know how good you made her feel. You truly listened to her, cared for her and treated her with patience and respect.

I am very grateful, as I know she was. Thank you “Dr. Mona”. It meant everything to her.” Dated 8/31/15

“Dear Dr. Wong, I needed to write this note to thank you for all you did for my husband. He never gave up. He tried so hard to keep going. I wanted you to know that you helped a very special and wonderful man. Thank you again.” (August 2015)

“The entire experience from the registration desk through my visit with Dr. Goldberg was on time, professional and extremely informative. Everyone I had dealt with was wonderful. Thank you.” (October 2015)

“Dr. Karim is not only a skilled physician but a lovely person inside and out! I look forward to seeing her!” (July 2015)

“Dr. Karim is a “GEM.” Excellent caring personnel that couldn’t be kinder.” (October 2015)

“Dr. Yana Goldberg is a comfort for us, very sincere, great eye contact and seems to know more than what we expected from a radiation oncologist.” (July 2015)