Social Work and Counseling Services

Counselors who are dedicated exclusively to cancer care are available to meet privately with a patient or family member to discuss any concern, fear or anxiety related to the diagnosis of cancer, treatment or hospitalization.  Social workers can also assist patients and families with problems such as financial assistance, health care resources, work-related issues and home care needs.

For more information about
Counseling and Social Work Services call, 973-971-5169

Child Life Services

These are age–appropriate, play/art based interventions and activities offered to children who have a parent with cancer when a need has been identified, to facilitate coping with the parent’s illness.  Services can include individual play sessions with a focus on processing and expressing emotions, groups, sibling play/art sessions, child-centered/cognitive-behavioral parent training, and guidance/resources related to talking with your children about cancer.

For more information about Child Life Services, call 973-971-4974

Educational Programs

Being educated about cancer, available treatments, and possible side effects can improve the patient’s ability to cope and heal.  We offer several educational programs to help patients and their families gather as much information as possible about their diagnosis and treatments.

Chemotherapy Orientation

Provides an overview of the services and support available at the Cancer Center for patients about to begin chemotherapy.  During this program you’ll meet members of your support team, including a nurse, dietitian and social worker who will provide you with information about what you can expect and answer any questions you may have. 3rd floor Cancer Center Conference Room.  To register call: Bena Peterson 973-971-6166.

Radiation Oncology New Patient Orientation

An introduction to radiation treatment including information about the Radiation Oncology department, support services in the Cancer Center, how radiation therapy is delivered, and how to manage potential side effects. 1st floor Radiation Oncology Conference Room. To register call: 973-971-5329.

I Cancer-Vive

An eight-week class that empowers cancer patients to take a mind, body and spirit approach to healing. 1st Floor Mind/Body Conference Room.  To register call: Jean Marie Rosone 973-971-6514.

Look Good, Feel Better Program

A program that helps women who are undergoing cancer treatment manage appearance-related side effects.  The program teaches make-up application and skin care techniques, as well as wig and hair accessory demonstrations.  Sponsored by the American Cancer Society; Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association; and the Carol G. Simon Cancer Center. 3rd floor Cancer Center
Conference Room. To register call: 1-800-ACS-2345.

Prostatectomy Pre-Operative Class

A discussion about what to expect before and after prostate surgery, as well as the support services available during
treatment.  Men are encouraged to attend with a spouse or partner. Patient and Family Learning Center, 111 Madison Avenue.
To register call: Peggy Keller  973-971-6872.

For more information about any of these programs, please call 973-971-5169.